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     Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. When will I know if the course that I have applied is confirmed?

  2. What should I do for deferment / transfer / trainee replacement / withdrawal of courses?

  3. I want to make a refund, what should I do?

  4. Can I retake the examination / assessment if I failed or assessed as ‘Not-Yet-Competent'?

  5. When and how will I receive my certificate?

  6. When can I collect my Certificate of Achievement / Attendance for MOM Accredited Course??

  7. What is the validity of the Safety Pass for Construction Safety Orientation Course (CSOC)?

  8. What if I am late for my course / Exam / Assessment?



9. I lost my safety pass / certificate for my WSH course taken at NTUC LearningHub. What is the procedure for replacement?

You may proceed to the following Branch to request for a replacement pass / certificate.

Replacement will take 3 working days.

  • NTUC Trade Union House: 73 Bras Basah Road, #02-01, Singapore 189556

  • Devan Nair Institute: 80 Jurong East Street 21, #02-03, Singapore 609607

  • Tradehub21: 18 Boon Lay Way, #04-120, Singapore 609966

  • EMS Building: 60 Benoi Road, #01-08, Singapore 629906

  • Lifelong Learning Institute: 11 Eunos Road 8, #04-02F (Lift Lobby A), Singapore 408601


You will need to furnish the original Singapore Police Report and any form of photo identification. For example, NRIC, driving license, passport, etc. 

In addition, we will be taking a photo of you for the replacement pass. Hence, you will have to be present in person.


Express Replacement of Safety Pass (Only at EMS Building counter)

  • The replacement safety pass can be collected within the same day.
  • This service is only available on Monday to Friday, from 9am to 11am only.
  • Requests after 11am will be processed on the next working day.


Charges for the replacement passes or certificates are as follows:

  • Replacement of safety pass: $10.70 (inclusive of GST)

  • Replacement of certificate: $16.05 (inclusive of GST)


Please click here for the operating hours of our Branches.


10. I have lost my WSQ Certificate, what is the procedure for replacement?

For Courses ended before 3rd November 2014:

You may proceed to our Branch to request for a replacement. Replacement will take 6 to 9 weeks.

Please click here for the operating hours of our Branches.

The charges for WSQ Certificates are as follows:

  • Statement of Attainment - $16.05 (inclusive of GST)

  • Full Certificate - $21.40 (inclusive of GST)

For Courses ended before 3rd November 2014:

Trainees are encouraged to print their own e-cert directly at

However, for trainees that encounter difficulties, they may seek assistance at any of our Branches to print the hardcopy.

For any reprint the charges are as follow:

  • Statement of Attainment - $16.05 (inclusive of GST)

  • Full Certificate - $21.40 (inclusive of GST)


11. I have failed the course and I would like to appeal. What is the procedure for appeal?

You may proceed to any of our Branches and make payment for an appeal fee of $53.50, within 2 weeks after results have been released.

The appeal result will be out after 2 weeks.

An appeal request is not applicable for worker level courses.

Please note that the decision of the appeal committee is final.


12. I missed a module for the WSQ full certificate course (Certificate in WSH, Advanced Certificate in WSH, Specialist Diploma in WSH and Apply Basic Maths and Science in WSH), can I do a make-up lesson?

Yes, you can go for a make-up lesson for the module that they have missed. Please note that a make-up fee is applicable.

The charges for the Make-up lessons are as follows:

  • Certificate in WSH & Advanced Certificate in WSH: $10.70 per module (inclusive of GST)

  • Specialist Diploma in WSH, Apply Basic Maths and Science in WSH and Specialist Diploma in Occupational Hygiene: $10.70 per module (inclusive of GST)


13. I would like to check the result for the courses that I have taken. Where can I find them?

Exam results can be viewed at our Self-Service Portal under the Exam Results link, as follows:
For Supervisor and Managerial level courses, please note that you will need to pass both the Written Exam and MCQ in order to obtain a pass in the exam.  

14. How long does it take for the exam result for my Supervisors and Managerial course?

The results for Supervisor and Managerial level courses will be released 10 working days after the final exam and will be available on the Self-Service Portal. The result release notification will be informed via email, thus it will be important to furnish us with a valid email address during registration.  

15. Should I fail the exam, am I allowed to re-sit the paper?

No, you are not allowed to re-sit for the exam should you fail.
Re-test is only applicable for the following courses:
  • Lifting Supervisor course, only for trainees who failed the Load Chart (Section B). Re-test fee of $10.70 (inclusive of GST) is applicable.
  • Workshop to Enhance Safety of Crane Operation course, only for trainees who failed the Load Chart (Section B).
    Re-test fee of $10.70 (inclusive of GST) is applicable.
  • Occupational First Aid Courses, only for trainees who failed the MCQ exam.
    Re-test fee of $10.70 (inclusive of GST) is applicable.
Payment for re-test can be made at any of .

16. What if I am unable to attend the exam for my course, can I defer it?

Deferment of exam can only be done on a case-by-case basis, with a valid reason such as medical or a death in the immediate family. You will have to furnish supporting documents. 

17. What happens if I attended the General Trade Course without a valid work permit or Singapore IC, and my result is not reflected in the MOM portal?

If you had used your passport or other IDs to attend the General Trade Course, their results will not be uploaded to the MOM portal. The portal only shows the result for the trainees who are Work Permit or NRIC holders.
Should you have updated ID details that differ from your registration, please highlight the changes to the trainer on the first day of class when you sign your attendance.
A replacement fee will be applicable, should there be any changes after the safety passes have been issued.

18. What are the Personal Protection Equipments (PPE) that I should bring, when I am attending practical lessons at the Benoi Training Centre?

Personal Protective Equipments include proper working attire, safety eyewear, safety boots and safety helmets.
Safety harnesses, helmets and gloves will be provided during the training when necessary.
Please take note that for inappropriate attire, you may be not be allowed into the Practical Trades Area.