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Shipyard Safety Instruction Course - General Trade

(Re-certification Exam)


Target Audience

Existing workers in the shipyard industry who would like to renew the validity of their Shipyard Safety Instruction Course (SSIC) safety passes.


Trainees who have failed their SSIC Re-certification Exam are: 
- NOT allowed to retake this Re-certification Exam and; 
- Required to go through the 1-day Shipyard Safety Instruction Course - General Trade (SSIC) to get a valid SSIC safety pass.
For all re-certification exams, trainee must have a valid Shipyard Safety Instruction Course safety pass and must not have failed the re-certification exam before.


Course Duration

The 3 hours session will consist of:

  • Briefing (2 hours) 
  • Written exam (1 hour)



Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)



  • Trainee must be a Singaporean, PR or Foreign Worker with a valid work permit
  • Trainee must hold a valid SSIC safety pass*

*Successfully completed and obtained the safety pass.


Medium of Instruction

English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil, Thai and Bengali.



There will be a 2 hours briefing that covers the following:

  • Current safety regulations
  • General safety awareness
  • Workers well-being



Upon successful completion and passing of the re-certification exam, trainees will receive a safety pass which is valid for a period of 2 or 4 years, depending on the years of their working experience in the related industry in Singapore.

Note: Participants with less than 6 years of working experience in Singapore will get a safety pass that is valid for 2 years. Those with more than 6 years of working experience in Singapore, will get a safety pass that is valid for 4 years.



Price Type

 With GST

Full course fee